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The Human Capital podcast brings you the latest on the people who are helping to shape the financial services regulatory landscape, be they lawmakers, attorneys, industry officials or lobbyists. We'll get inside views from the movers and shakers on how various policy matters are impacting the advisory industry. Hosted by Melanie Waddell, Washington Bureau Chief for Investment Advisor Magazine and, this bi-weekly podcast complements the weekly Human Capital briefing. 

Jul 10, 2020

In this episode of Human Capital, we talk with Drew Bowden, general counsel for Jackson National Life Insurance Co., who recently became board chair for the Insured Retirement Institute.

Bowden, who also served as director of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s exam division, talks about the current regulatory environment in the retirement and annuity spaces, as well as how the pandemic is affecting consumers’ retirement savings.

Listen in as Bowden also talks about Regulation Best Interest, the
Labor Department’s new prohibited transaction exemption to align with Reg BI, as well as his concerns about the patchwork of state fiduciary rules. Bowden also weighs in on the importance of e-signatures and e-delivery.